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Originally Posted by Wilpen (View Post)
I feel like Emily, Greg, Treat, and Tom are the core four and any reunion/reboot/revival has to run through them. If any of those four were severely restricted as far as availability then it would be tough to make it work.
They're definitely the core four and I'd also add in Rose. I could see a story where the baby they adopted is now a teenager and it would be intriguing, and funny to see an older Harold having to deal with raising a teenager once again.

If the actress who played Rose, Merrilyn Gann, wasn't available, another storyline would involve Harold being a widower trying to raise that girl they adopted, (they could say that Rose's cancer came back and she passed away from it) and it could mirror what Andy went through when he was a widower raising two children.

What was good about this show is that it gave equal time to the adults and the teenagers, so there are still a lot of stories that could be explored with all of the characters being older than when we last saw them.

Originally Posted by Wilpen (View Post)
Like I said, I have all the faith in the world in Greg Berlanti. I can’t see him moving forward with this unless it’s high quality. Everwood is a part of his heart. He would proceed with great attention to detail and care.
I also think that Greg Berlanti would put his heart into an Everwood reboot and it could be fantastic.
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