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Josh working with his hands


The Magic of Silence - A Review of Broadway's Children Of A Lesser God

I really have to give my hats off to Joshua Jackson who, in about a year, learned ESL (English Sign Language) for his role. ESL is an older version of ASL (American Sign Language), which is more commonly used now, but ESL would have been common during the 1970s, which is when this play takes place. To learn ESL in a year is not an easy task, and to make things harder, he has to speak and sign at the same time. As a person who knows ASL can attest, this makes both signing and speaking twice as challenging! Yet, he pulls it off flawlessly!

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I... I mean... I can't... It's just... Yeah! @LesserGodBway is breathtaking. That Joshua Jackson wasn't even nominated for a Tony is a travesty! Makes me want to start a riot... Or write a strongly worded email. SEE THIS SHOW BEFORE IT'S GONE! #ChildrenOfALesserGod #Broadway – at Studio 54


This is a video of some scenes from COALG, there is not dialogue as it is set to music, but there are some scenes that I hadn't seen before.
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