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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
Great topic Michelle.
Thanks, friend.

To be honest, I’d have mixed feelings about Everwood coming back. Part of me would absolutely love it because it was by far the greatest television show that I’ve ever watched in my life, but it aired at a certain point in time and it featured a group of actors who were either just starting out or who were well established and putting their talent into a truly unique show, and it might be hard to recapture that magic. Chris Pratt is a major star now so I couldn’t see him being involved with an Everwood reboot unless he played a small cameo role like Melissa McCarthy did with the reboot of Gilmore Girls, and I’m not sure how available some of the other actors would be.

With that being said however, I’d love to see this cast, or the majority of this cast, work together again because they played off each other so well and there were so many stories left to tell on Everwood, so if an Everwood reboot ever came to fruition, I would definitely tune in.
You summed up pretty much how I feel. I was thinking of Melissa McCarthy when thinking of Chris. I am sure that is about how much we’d get from Chris. Maybe a little more but I can’t see him available for a big chunk of time. But the good news is while Bright was a strong secondary character, he wasn’t one of the four major characters either.

I feel like Emily, Greg, Treat, and Tom are the core four and any reunion/reboot/revival has to run through them. If any of those four were severely restricted as far as availability then it would be tough to make it work.

Like I said, I have all the faith in the world in Greg Berlanti. I can’t see him moving forward with this unless it’s high quality. Everwood is a part of his heart. He would proceed with great attention to detail and care.
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