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Originally Posted by starryeyesxx (View Post)
That is so frustrating to hear. Why ruin a character that they depicted as completely the opposite of that to further a plot that they could have done in a thousand other ways. That's just bad storytelling, you should be able to write a storyline without having to change the characters to do that

Marti Noxon cared more about Bangel than anything else on the show, so I'm not surprised she was willing to sacrifice Oz's integrity for the sake of having Willow move on

Marti's speech on the DVD really annoyed me, because it emphasized that they forced Oz to act and think in a prejudiced way regarding W/T to make the audience root for Tara. This tells me that audiences really weren't happy with how they handled Oz's departure in Wild At Heart. Writers often act quick to try and resolve relationships which are left on cliffhangers because they worry that audiences won't adjust to new love interests. They clearly just wanted us to to forget Oz at this point. Yeah, not gonna happen

As we've already said, if Seth Green wasn't leaving they would have stayed together....until they would have probably killed Oz off so that they could have Willow go dark.

I've often wondered if they would have gone down the Willow's addiction route in Season 6 if Oz had still been around. It seemed like something they did to drive a wedge between her and Tara, to emphasize Tara's lessening interest in using powers and Willow's lust for power after healing Tara's mind in Season 5.

I would have loved to have seen Oz help Willow through her addiction.

Plus, I was thinking about how in Restless, Oz was there in Willow's dreams, so I think that shows that he was still important to her, so it wasn't as cut & dry as she chose Tara & that was that.

I love Restless

I agree with you - I think Joss was throwing Oz a bone in this episode, and letting the audience know in a subtle way that Willow still thinks about him and their promise to each other that they might meet on "a corner in Istanbul" someday.
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