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Originally Posted by JJH85 (View Post)
It's that time again where is looking to update the Standard Avatars in their collection and our Board is set for this list.

Some of you have recently made Avatars based on the DC Reunion, so I recommend you submit them for Consideration and any others you all might like to share.

We have to pick 10 for Submission and 5 will be chosen by Managers. ChristinaL80 and I have the final say on which 10 get chosen for submission, but we are totally open to suggestions from our loyal DC Board Members, so we will likely ask your opinions on some of them.

The Thread with the rules is Topped on our Board, but here is the link for you to have a look. Standard Avatars 2018

Good Luck and have fun making your Avatars.
I can't wait to see the submissions. Good luck everyone!
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