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Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)
I knew it would be too easy to defeat the hollow.

Keelin/Freya are hot, loved theirs sex scene. I think they are pretty adorable together and I do like that Freya is getting a better storyline this season.

Rebekah again had barely any screen time and nothing to do. Her only important scene was basically Marcel rejecting her... AGAIN! How many times can they go round and round? They are the worst couple on the show HANDS DOWN imo. I cant stand them together.

Hayley being so rude to Elijah now just pisses me off. At this point they can just kill her because I cant tolerate the writing for her. It makes zero sense. Since when is she so anti vampire and against them all? Like, KLAUS IS HOPES FATHER. What does she think shes going to do on her own? I am so annoyed with her. GTFO!

I agree with everything you said. Marcel never seem like he loved Rebecca. it always seem like she was more into him than he was into her. He always put everything before her. They had a lot of opportunities to be together, but Marcel always had a excuse. As for Hayley the only thing I like about her was Elijah. Hayley come across as a big hypocrite. She's always blaming Klaus's family for everything, yet she simply over looked that the hollow was from her family.
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