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"The Chad" is what we like to call him. Chad Michael Murray, he uh, he's devastatingly handsome, all the girls in Wilmington are freaking out over him, him and James, it's really them combined. I just feel like Mother Hen trying to fend off all the women as we walk around and try to go out to dinner down in Wilmington. Um, but they both are, they both have that gaze, where, I'm used to working at MTV, I mean like, hey how are you, tell me a little bit about yourself, and at this WB show, these boys gaze into my eyes and tell me sweet things and I don't know what to do with myself. - Hilarie Burton

"And Hilarie, you know, she’s got the VJ thing, you know, she’s just one of those personable people, she’s Hilarie, you know." - Chad Michael Murray

"Hilarie Burton is one of the most funniest actress’s she so fun,cleaver and quick
She has a fantastic personality I'm not going to lie about that." - Chad Michael Murray

You know, we’re just super in love. There’s no denying it." - Hilarie Burton

"There star crossed lovers, and there the same person but male and female." - Chad Michael Murray on LP

"I'm a huge Leyton fan, they send this scrapbook ...Chad and I.. God we're look so good together ... you're such a good kisser, you hold my face nice ... you two look great together awesome ...and yeahh it's love" - Hilarie Burton

"I don't know, we haven't discussed that. I have no idea what goes on with the relationships in season five. I do know that Hilarie and I have a fantastic time working together. We had a riot last year because we have a lot of the same friends, she gets along really well with my girl, and I get along well with her husband and so it's kinda fun just to goof around and go crazy on set. So, I think that most likely Peyton and Lucas will continue that bond and will continue growing together." - Chad Michael Murray

"We were kids when we started," she told TV Guide of "One Tree Hill." "And now it's just this warm feeling of, 'You're the only other person on the planet that knows what it's like to go through that. I miss Chad."

Luckily, Burton has a new on-screen love interest on "White Collar" to tide her over: Matt Bomer. "Matt has been a wonderful second chapter for me because Chad and I had done everything together until I was 27 years old, and that was a lot of work." - Hilarie Burton

p.s. whatever;
songs to make you think of lp

Season 1

Lucas: That's me inside your head.
Peyton: What?
Lucas: NOFX. That's me inside your head. It's the lyrics to...
Peyton: I know the song.
? Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional (Peyton almost hits Lucas with her car)
♫ Linoleum by NOFX (Mentioned but not heard when Lucas points Peyton's the NOFX sticker)
♫ Aftertaste by Ben Lee (Peyton thinks about Lucas)
♫ EZ by Pete Yorn (Lucas tells Peyton he'll be seein her)

♫ Echo by Vertical Horizon (Peyton tears down her art)
♫ Further by Longview (Lucas submits Peyton's art to Thud)
♫ Belief by Gavin Degraw (Lucas tells Peyton her art matters)

♫ Silence Is Easy by Starsailor (Peyton finds the art Lucas left)

♫ Return To Me by Matthew Ryan (Lucas admiring Peyton's art)

♫ I Was On a Mountain by Hot Water Music (Lucas gets in Peyton's car)
♫ Many Rivers To Cross by Jimmy Cliff (Peyton shows up at the game for Lucas)

♫ Impossible by Lucky Town (Peyton gives Lucas a mixtape)
♫ Blueside by Rooney (Lucas listens to Peyton's mixtape)

♫ Pacific Ocean Blues by Gigalo Aunts (Lucas and Peyton talk by the swings)
♫ She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 (Lucas tells Peyton he wants to be with her)
♫ Calling All Angels by Train (Peyton covers her webcam as Lucas watches)
Full List
Season 2

Lucas: Making a mix?
Peyton: No. Just sorting cd's.
♫ Lie In The Sound by Trespassers William (Lucas finds Peyton on the beach)

♫ Life's Disease by Stutterfly (Lucas goes to check on Peyton)

♫ Cats In Heat by The Honorary Title (Lucas visits Peyton at Tric)
♫ Mixtape by Butch Walker (Lucas comforts Peyton)

♫ Lavina by The Veils (Lucas finds Peyton on the beach)

Season 3

Lucas: I don't blame you.
Peyton: What's that?
Lucas: This music... it's enough to drive anyone to drink.
♫ Feeling A Moment by Feeder (Lucas and Haley talking on the beach)
♫ This Side of Heaven by Matthew Ryan (Lucas and Brooke talk about the summer)
♫ Nobody's Darlings by Lucero (Lucas asks Anna if it will always be there)
♫ All Eternal Things by Trembling Blue Stars (Lucas and Rachel walk on the waterfront)

♫ Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus (Lucas and Peyton talk about Ellie)

♫ The Death of Us by The New Amsterdams (Peyton asks Lucas to go with her to see Ellie)
♫ Simple by Katy Perry (Lucas and Peyton on the road)
♫ Since You've Been Around by Rosie Thomas (Lucas and Peyton driving back)

♫ World Spins Madly On by The Weepies (Lucas comforts Peyton)

♫ Love You More by James William Hindle (Lucas finds Peyton on the stairs)
Full List
Season 4

Peyton: I feel like I'm living in an Air Supply song.
Lucas: If we're gonna go 80's, I'm more of a Van Halen fan.
♫ Wrong Choice by The Lovely Feathers (Peyton puts her and Lucas' picture together)
♫Within You by Ray Lamontagne (Lucas and Peyton playing iTunes title game)
♫ She's A Runner by Billy Squier (Mentioned but not heard while Lucas and Peyton play iTunes title game)
♫ The Runaway Found by The Veils (Mentioned but not heard while Lucas and Peyton play iTunes title game)
♫ Running To Stand Still by U2 (Mentioned but not heard while Lucas and Peyton play iTunes title game)
♫ Running With The Devil by Van Halen (Mentioned but not heard while Lucas and Peyton play iTunes title game)
♫ Moody Suburban Teenage Love Song by Slow Runner (Mentioned but not heard while Lucas and Peyton play iTunes title game)
♫ A Message by Coldplay (Lucas finds Peyton)

♫ Currents by Dashboard Confessional (Lucas and Peyton in the dark)
♫ Born On The Cusp by The American Analog Set (Lucas and Peyton talk outside the mall)

♫ Way Back Home by The Wreckers (Peyton brings Lucas as back up to meet Derek)

♫ Back Together by Citizen Cope (Lucas and Peyton before school)
♫ Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco (Lucas and Peyton talk at tric)

♫ Prayers For Rain by The Cure (Peyton goes to Lucas after she finds out about Derek)
♫ You Made It by DJ Shadow featuring Chris James (Peyton changes in Lucas' room)
♫ City of Devils by #d8aaba(Lucas comforts Peyton)

♫ Beautiful Day by Mellowdrone (Lucas sees Peyton's white room)
♫ It's You by Annie Stela (Peyton sleeps at Lucas')
♫ Do It Alone by Sugarcult (Lucas watches Peyton)
♫ 12 by Alexi Murdoch (Lucas doesn't want to leave Peyton alone)
Full List

Season 5

Lucas: So I talked to my mom and we decided we want you to
have it. Rent free under one condition. That it becomes office
space for your new label.

Peyton: Luke.
Lucas: I know you can do it... and so do you.
♫ Mercy by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Lucas remembering his last night with Peyton in Tree Hill)
♫ Slow Show by The National (Peyton sees Lucas' book)
♫ Come Undone by Jackson Waters (Peyton listens to Lucas book)
♫ Fake Empire by The National (Lucas sees Peyton on the river court)

♫ Forgive Me by Group 1 Crew (Lucas invites Peyton to the book signing)
♫ Gotta Be Somebody's Blues by Jimmy Eat World (Lucas asks Peyton why she didn't come to his book signing)
♫ Will You Be There by Richard Harris (Lucas offers Peyton office space for her label)

♫ Emotional Champ by New Buffalo (Peyton confronts Lucas)

♫ Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez (Peyton sends Lucas this song)
♫ You Gotta Know Me by Sofia J. (Peyton gives Lucas a mix)
♫ Loving You by Joey Ryan (Lucas waits for Peyton in the hotel room)
♫ Where I Stood by Missy Higgins (Lucas proposes to Peyton)

♫ Hughes by The New Amsterdams (Peyton sees TLA on her old bedroom door)
♫ Looking For Love by Michelle Featherstone (Lucas confronts Peyton)
Full List

Season 6

Lucas: So where should we start?
Peyton: Well, that’s easy. I never feel at home until I unpack my music. You know,
maybe we don’t need to. We probably have doubles of everything, right?

Lucas: Actually I don’t like The Cure.
Peyton: How can you not like The Cure?
Lucas: Well, their music’s depressing and whiney…
Peyton: And if it could squint, it would be you. You do realize that the lyrics
I spent all day painting at the River Court were The Cure lyrics, right?

Lucas: Oh I know, and I love the lyrics. Hate the music.
Peyton: I don’t even know who you are right now.
♫ Lovers In Japan by Coldplay ( Lucas dreams about Peyton )
♫ Reign Of Love by Coldplay ( Peyton meets Lucas at the airport )
♫ Town Where You Belong by Earlimart ( Lucas and Peyton on the plane to Vegas )
♫ Look At You by My Morning Jacket ( Lucas and Peyton arrives at hotel in Vegas )
♫ Burning Love by Elvis Presley ( Performed by Vegas chapel organist )
♫ Poke by Frightened Rabbit ( Lucas and Peyton drives to LA/ In former hotel room )
♫ Violet Hill by Coldplay ( Lucas proposes to Peyton again )

♫ Forevermore by Katie Herzig ( Lucas tells Peyton about the days when he was happy/Jumps on bed )
♫ When You Are Near by Carolina Liar ( Lucas helps Peyton move out of Haley’s house )

♫ Further to Fall by Dan Craig ( Peyton and Lucas talk about the team and marriage while getting ready for Q’s funeral service. )

♫ How Would You Like It by Jem ( Peyton watches Lucas sleep )
♫ They Bring Me To You by Joshua Radin ( Peyton calls Lucas )

♫ Half Speed by La Rocca ( Peyton wakes up while Lucas packs for Omaha )
♫ Quiet Times by Dido ( Peyton calls Lucas, he tells her the tour is off )
Full List

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the reasons;
01. Because he stops playing basketball just to watch her drive by.
02. Because he thinks “she’s alright”.
03. Because he loves her from afar.
04. Because she loves him from afar too.
05. Because that’s him inside her head.
06. Because he told her “all that”, and they didn’t even know each other.
07. Because she’s not human, she’s an angel. And she’s his angel.
08. Because he could have fixed her car on sight,
but he “just wanted to see her again”.
09. Because he thudded her.
10. Because she thudded him too.
11. Because her art matters.
12. Because his art matters too.
13. Because “it has always been Lucas and Peyton”.
14. Because they’re “meant to be together, it’s the way it’s supposed to be”.
15. Because “Tortured artist meets tortured athlete?
Talk about your obvious attraction”.
16. Because she “Sorta likes him”.
17. Because he’s “Kinda warming up to her too.
And it’s a good thing, since they’re getting married”.
18. Because they’ve “waited long enough”.
19. Because “Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott”
20. Because he’s NOT leaving her.
21. Because she has a key to his house
22. Because the boy saw a comet
23. Because he wrote a whole book about how much he loves her.
24. Because he’s always saving her.
25. Because he’s with his “other girlfriend”
Full List

youtube videos;

01. 101 Reason to Ship Lucas and Peyton { x }
02. My Love by Dazzleme7 { x }
03. Breathe Again by xLoverlyyx { x }
04. Find a Way by mary1209 { x }
05. Konstantine by stefanita621 { x }
06. Look After You by leyton88 { x }
07. Happiness by SVfan4evr { x }
08. Heaven {Little by Little} by catouroy { x }
09. Between the Lines by absydarling { x }
10. Where I Stood by DafProd { x }
11. 23 by stefanita621 { x }
12. A Whole Lifetime's Worth by briarrose88 { x }
13. Losing Your Memory by LaPeggioreeee { x }
14. How Can This Be Fate? by moosegravey7 { x }
15. Pieces by stefanita621 { x }
16. Dance On Our Graves by dazzleme7 { x }
17. This is a Call by mary1209 { x }

the links;
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special thanks;
Ambour - kobe/hil/LP fan
Wero - Cold_Desert
Tina - LeytonISLove
Emma - Moonless Night
Nikita - lonelysidewalk
And All You Patient LPers
OP by xxxLP_TLAxxx

"Funny, how one little decision can
ruin your life... But also save it."

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