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This episode

I am also very confused over Cain's real feelings toward Chloe. And, yeah, there's no way Chloe should have been that far into their relationship to say the three most important words. That's way too soon. So was his plan to actually get her to say those words so his mark would go? How would he know that's what would happen? But then he still ended up breaking her heart by stopping her from saying those words. He stopped her because he really didn't want to hurt her after all? But the mark still disappeared anyway? Very

Lucifer breaks my heart. When he was so sleep deprived...for a moment there I thought he was actually going to reveal his wings to Chloe in that scene in the interrogation room. He's telling her everything and warning her about Cain and she only thinks he's talking babble because he's so sleep deprived. Maze may be a demon, but the way she set up Lucifer and the fact that it was all her idea and not Cain's.... And when Lucifer realises all this, the look of determination on his face as races to save from Chloe being hurt was.. GAH.

Charlotte is apparently not handling knowing divinity all that well. Perhaps Amenadiel should get her to talk to Linda, knowing someone else who knows might help her deal with it.

Dan though!

Well, two episodes more to watch before I go meet the cast! (ep 22 on Amazon Prime is on the 8th when I return home) Only the ep 23 and the finale is left afterwards. Got to start rounding up my questions!
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