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Originally Posted by Bianca09 (View Post)
I just listen to it,it was great..he sounds so happy... just hope it plays long enough on broadway I saw an article saying ticket sales weren’t good.. hope it still going at the end of June when I’m planning on going... and when LWS53 is there....
That is one of my worst fears. Spending thousands of pounds just on air fares and accommodation is a big thing for me and if the play folds before I even get there I won't be happy! Let's just hope people who saw the film are interested enough to go to see the play, and also it gets support from the hearing impaired community. There aren't many accessible entertainments on for the deaf and hard of hearing so I hope they support this, if nothing else but to encourage other directors and producers to make all plays more accessible. Having the app to read it on a smart phone is a great idea.
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