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Originally Posted by worthyoflove (View Post)
My view on it is that while I'm sure he appreciates his fans, he's never had a huge fan base, fans opinions and their loyalty to him probably doesn't make much of a difference to him or his people. He's not picking roles based on what we think or angling for roles based on what we might like or what might draw more fans in. His life doesn't revolve around popularity. So our opinions are kind of obsolete.

Coming here out of sheer curiosity...maybe.
I wasn't suggesting he comes here regularly or that he makes career decisions based on what he'd read here. I'm not that delusional. He's gotta be at least aware of the board, and might've come here once after someone gave him the link. To be frank, it's not like he has thousands of fan accounts and pages. Meanwhile, the studios' marketing teams track every little thing in the runup to a premiere. So it makes sense that if, for example, Paramount invested so much money in promoting Waco using his name and likeness, it would want to gauge reaction to that marketing campaign and then fans' reaction when it premiered. Granted, I've never worked in the actual marketing/PR business so if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

I decided to post this here. When I first saw this ad, I thought her jacket was the same as Taylor's old one! Haha.

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