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Originally Posted by eternalfate (View Post)
It was and I like him pretty much holding his ground with not wanting to get with Haley however, he still wanted her to do her music which is why he did something he disliked doing in bringing Chris back in her life since he thought that would get her to do her music again.

So he was pretty selfless while also trying to protect his heart just in case Haley left again.
I do think him inviting Chris back into their lives was definitely one of the most selfless things he ever did imo.

Plus it was the last season he was still cocky from memory and I missed that in the later seasons.

Originally Posted by For You to Notice... (View Post)
^ Yup.

I'm happy for James, that he is directing but I would prefer for him not to be behind a camera but in front one...
I do think him and Stephen having some movie coming out soon.
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