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I can't stand Andy's patients getting mad at him for being a frickin doctor and doing his job. He had a right to tell the girl about her options. Ultimately it is the patients life and decision.

Bright and Hannah were annoying as HELL in this episode. I cant tolerate their stupid relationship problems. This is why I didnt like them back in the day, they were just boring/annoyng to me as a pairing. Meh.

Andy's comments about Kyle being too young to be gay and how he hasn't kissed a girl yet etc, were so insensitive and stupid. I am glad that Reid was there to tell him that (in so many words). I am not sure what Ephram's problem was and why he was so offended at the idea that Kyle might be gay. (I guess they explained it in the episode that he just didnt want Kyle to have another thing to have to deal with) I did find the comment about when "reid" was gay and Reid was like "what?" that was pretty funny.

"I'm from New York, I voted for Kerry."

With all of that said, it was kind of annoying Ephram was talking to Amy about him being gay when he didnt know for sure that he was? (yes later in the episode kyle confirmed but right away he didnt know that) I mean, Just because he doesnt like a girl? Maybe he is asexual or maybe he was abused or something. IDK, how the whole thing came about was a bit odd, but whatever.

I do love this Kyle storyline a lot though. Poor Kyle. It explains a lot about his personality and his anger and why he is so stand offish with people. And it gives Ephram a new perspective on his relationship with Andy which is just lovely. The ending scene with Ephram crashing at home again was just so cute. When Ephram was like "then you had to lose me" and Andy said "but i didnt." was SO FREAKING CUTEEEEEEE.

Part of me wishes the show had a 5th seasons so maybe Kyle could have stuck around and we could have seen him in a new relationship. That would have been cute.

It was nice to get a break from Nina and Jake this episode.
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