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Originally Posted by worthyoflove (View Post)
My view on it is that while I'm sure he appreciates his fans, he's never had a huge fan base, fans opinions and their loyalty to him probably doesn't make much of a difference to him or his people. He's not picking roles based on what we think or angling for roles based on what we might like or what might draw more fans in. His life doesn't revolve around popularity. So our opinions are kind of obsolete.

Coming here out of sheer curiosity...maybe.

A cute encounter from 2015 at the Run Around the Lake.
That photo bomb. haha

I don't think he comes here at all. It's not easy to find and there are literally like 4 or 5 people that post. I do think he probably checks some of the social media accounts.

And I agree. I don't think he chooses roles that will make him famous. I honestly don't think he cares about that.
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