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hmm interesting work ethic McGee

Of course Gibbs kicked the garage door to open it. There's an interesting twist about Fornell, of course he'd been fired after what happened. Never thought about that. Not surprised that he still is an investigator of sorts

Gibbs is avoiding Fornell must feel guilty...

McGee fangirling over technology

Like the little scene between Palmer & Gibbs. i'm glad Gibbs is supporting Palmer in his growing role, respecting him too, when he could simply dismiss him. Wonder if Palmer notices how Gibbs treats him differently. Like Palmer channeling Ducky a bit, makes sense since he's his mentor/teacher, but hope in a way he isn't made to become Ducky too much & still remains being the Palmer we know & love

Yeah I want to question what's going on with McGee too Abby... he's doing quite a bit for someone with two new babies at home... Abby's story looks like it could be cute though

of course McGee has been drinking cafpow Like the intervention but don't know that I believe that as the reasoning. It doesn't really add up. It also felt odd that he'd just go "ok, I'll stop" the end. They didn't really plan that story out much when they could've done so much more with it

Fornell popping up all the time

there's so many little stories in this ep, they're almost more important & distracting from the case itself

not a surprise it wasn't about the trial, but actually an affair. Good twist though as there was no signs from that before at all

Nice that Fornell & Gibbs made up in the end not really a surprise that they did though
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