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Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (View Post)
I agree that Hannah was meddling and people really shouldn't offer advice unless asked! But....even so...I wanted someone to lobby for Ephram here, because it was obvious Amy still loved Ephram and she needed to at least acknowledge that.
I fee like she already did... they slept together a short time before this. Ephram knew Amy better than Amy knew herself. He knew they didn't sleep together because they were both craving sex and that's all. They slept together because they were still in love with each other. He knew this. Amy knew this too which is why she freaked out. I am one of the few who was glad Amy didn't immediately take him back. What he did at the end of season 3 was too much. He hurt her so much. She still needed time. Yes, their communication could have been better after they slept together and during this time period too but I still feel like Ephram understood it wasn't about feeling or not being in love anymore. It wasn't why they were broken up and Amy was struggling. Well, Amy was struggling because she was still in love with him but was afraid of getting hurt again. I think they both knew this. Ephram literally asked Reid to back off from Amy. He wouldn't have gone there if he didn't realize there was still something between them.
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