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New Lindsey interview!

My favourite bit:

Your character had a leg brace. How difficult was that to act in, or did it help lift the character?

It’s so confining. And I’m a very active person and so having the leg brace use to drive me absolutely insane on set. Just because I’d want to get it off, because it was annoying or it was heavy. This was the earlier models. We’ve made it more and more flexible as the seasons have gone on. And because I’m wearing it and I was walking with a limp, I created an imbalance in my body. My left side is weaker than my right side, because I put all my weight on my right as I was using it. I didn’t even plan on it, but it’s given me insight of what people with disabilities must go through, feeling confined and feeling frustrated and imprisoned and crazy and then weak. You feel a little helpless and mad that your body can’t do what it used to do. I try to bring that to my performance and I think it brought it to another level. And now, as much as I have a very love hate relationship with the brace because it’s annoying, I don’t think Raven would be Raven without it. It’s such a part of her and her person.

I really love that I got to portray that. I don’t think a lot of young actors get to dive into a character that becomes paralyzed, lives on after and works with it for the rest of their life. Usually a character gets hurt and they’re in a hospital bed or in a wheelchair for two or three episodes and then they’re better. Raven’s never gotten better. I think that’s pretty cool.

Posting this AMAZING art for now :

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