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Slevin/Lindsey (Lucky Number Slevin)

Slevin & Lindsey

Am I the only one who thinks that Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett were adorable together in Lucky Number Slevin??? I like very few movie couples, and I LOVED them. Amazing chemistry. I think they brought a very needed sweetness to this movie full of corruption. Their scene in bed and the end scenes were cute as all hell.


Slevin: Hey, what was your name again?
Lindsey: Lindsey. I live across the hall. I came over to borrow a cup of sugar.
Slevin: Where's your cup?
Lindsey: I said I came over to borrow a "cup" of sugar, if I had a cup I would have said I came over to borrow "sugar."
Slevin: Touche.

Lindsey: Oh ****, I gotta go to work. It's just for a couple of hours, I'll come back and then we can start the investigation.
Slevin: The investigation?
Lindsey: Uh huh, it'll be fun. (leaves)
Slevin: Okay... (adjusts towel)
Lindsey: (comes back) Totally forgot--
Slevin: (covers up) ....Yeah....
Lindsey: (laughs) Sorry.....may I borrow a cup of sugar?
Slevin: What?

Lindsey: I never gave it much thought until I put on a fresh pot of coffee. I was on my way to the store and I thought Nick, you have sugar. Tell my your story, I'm sugarless. I come back in, you put your penis on exhibition and although my coffee's probably gone bad by now I insist on following through. It's like something from a Norman Rockwell painting.
Slevin: ...What, my penis?
Lindsey: (laughs) No, no the sugar. Neighbors borrowing sugar from one another. It's very um...Andy Griffith.

Lindsey: Oh, thanks for the sugar, sugar. (leaves, and quickly comes back in) ...I wanted to try and catch the next show.
Slevin: I don't go on again until 8.

Lindsey: You should run.
Slevin: I can't.
Lindsey: Well they'll kill you if you stay.
Slevin: They'll kill me if I leave.
Lindsey: Then go to the police!
Slevin: These guys buy cops like cops buy donuts, this isn't the first time this has happened, ya know?
Lindsey: You mean this isn't the first time a crime lord asked you to kill the gay son of a rival gangster to pay off a debt that belongs to a friend whose place your staying at as a result of losing your job, your apartment, and finding your girlfriend in bed with another guy?
Slevin: ...No this is the first time THAT happened, but Nick has been painting me into corners since we were kids. I guess I've always been a better friend to him than he's been to me...
Lindsey: Yeah, I'd love to hear the rest of this but I really gotta go back to work. (leaves, and runs back) Oh, hey...hey.
Slevin: Hey.
Lindsey: I was just thinking that if you're still alive when I get back from work tonight, maybe...I duno, we could...go to dinner or something?
Slevin: .....Yeah. Yeah, that'd be great.
Lindsey: Really? Okay. (walks over to kiss him) Um. (he's too tall) Nah. (leaves) Bye!
Slevin: (smiling) What a weirdo.

(Slevin watching Lindsey eat)
Lindsey: (laughing) What!
Slevin: I was just thinking about what it would be like if we had met under different circumstances.
Lindsey: Mm, see I think people strongly fall in love when there's a great story behind the way they met. You know, so you can have an excuse to tell it over and over again. If you and I fell in love we'd have one hell of a story to tell.
Slevin: Yeah.
Lindsey: We'd be at a dinner party and someone would ask, So how did you two meet? And I'd say, you tell the story dear, and you'd say tell it better.

(slevin and lindsey in bed)
Slevin: That was incredible. (Lindsey giggles) I just realized something.
Lindsey: What's that.
Slevin: I just made love to you.
Lindsey: You're just realizing that now?
Slevin: And I have no idea who specifically you're referring to when you say James Bond. Because earlier when you were telling me that I reminded you of James Bond and I said that it was the nicest thing that anyone's ever said to me, I naturally assumed that you--
Lindsey: Well I naturally assumed that you knew who I was talking about.
Slevin: Because if you are talking about the guy I think you're talking about, well then you have me mistaken for somebody else, because in my mind there is only one Bond.
Lindsey: Well on that we agree.
Slevin: Same time on 3.
Lindsey: 1.
Slevin: 2.
Lindsey: 3.
Lindsey:George Lazenby.
Slevin: Roger Moore.
Lindsey: Roger Moore?
Slevin: George Lazenby? Are you kidding?
Lindsey: I was kidding!
Slevin: Yeah I was kidding too. The only James Bond...was Timothy Dalton.
Lindsey: (unison) Pierce Brosnan. (laughs and kisses Slevin) Scotland Forever.
Slevin: I feel so much better (laughs) I do.

And seeing how I dug the movie a lot and really liked this couple, I made a music video as a tribute to the flick:

MOVE ALONG - Lucky Number Slevin

Feedback is cool
C'mon, anyone else see this movie yet?
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