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My boyfriend can't afford living without roommates, so no. I wish he could, but he has bills he has to pay off. I am thinking about looking for different roommates who can live up to my standards because I feel like I do the majority of the cleaning, and clean the right way. Like when this roommate does the dishes, he doesn't wipe the counters off as good, sweep very good, and mop very good. He just puts the dishes in the dishwasher most of the time. He doesn't put the coffeepot he uses along with the filter in the dishwasher that often. As for the living room, when he vacuums, he only does it in the easy areas and doesn't take the hose off to maneuver it on the sides. I move more stuff when I vacuum. He doesn't dust the living room. I'm the only one who does it. My boyfriend doesn't participate in the cleaning all that much either, but when he does it, it's not my style. So, when the roommate decided to threaten to throw away the dishes that he doesn't own because he refused to put them in the dishwasher, I got pissed. When I had a job and helped pay for the utilities, he picked on me because I didn't pay the rent at the time. I am paying the rent now. My boyfriend did explain that to him when he started to pick on me about the dishes again. Two days after that was explained to him, he made the threat of throwing away someone's personal property. It makes me wonder if I started a new job in the past weeks, if he would harass me. This roommate is on social security, so he hasn't had a job in years, and he has to harass a girl who is capable of working and pays rent? On the times I've been staying at this house, I was the only one who dusted, made things look neater, cleaned out the microwave, and cleaned out the inside refrigerator. So, I need a roommate that can help me on these things, so I can have a break.
Another thing is that I'm up at night because my partner works nights, so I try to be as quiet as I can when this roommate is asleep. If I did my business every night, he would be complaining about that. I know this because he had complained 2 or 3 times in the past for being too loud. This roommate is up during the day. At night I tend to not like to be up and going because of the darkness that is outside. The human body is programmed to be up during the daytime and sleep during the nighttime.
When I lost my job, I was in a deep depression, which meant that my motivation wasn't all there. I like to clean, yet need the motivation. Hellmart did make me depressed, so they did me a favor by getting rid of me, even though it wasn't fair at all. The place just wasn't good for me. My hard work was disrespected and unappreciated.

I'm sorry Sarah that lady assumed the worst.
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