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Originally Posted by dragonfire (View Post)
If Hiram had Archie do something so terrible, then yes. Because his mission to corrupt Archie's heart&mind with the Mafia and it ends with a Varchie break-up would be complete. In other words, Hiram takes RD's golden boy and brings him down to his level. Yep, the co-captain of Falice said that.
Well, I don't think that Hiram would kick Archie to the curb after having him learn so much about the organization. Don't you think that the closer Archie gets to Hiram's business, the more potential there is for Hiram to have Archie killed if he ends up kicking Archie out of the family after successfully breaking up him and Veronica? I don't think Hermione would stand for that, and I don't think Veronica would allow her dad to do that either.

Well we're just gonna have to wait to see what happens in the next episode. It looks like the next episode will focus on the kids, but hopefully there'll be some Falice coming soon.
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