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Originally Posted by dragonfire (View Post)
The theory is that Hiram plans to corrupt Archie with the Mafia and change him into someone Veronica hates. Plus didn't Veronica say she didn't want Archie in the family circle/Mafia? Maybe Hermione wants Archie around as a puppet. Maybe because Hermione is really Andre's boss, but she doesn't know he's a secret F.B.I. agent. Oh Madchen posted this on Twitter.
I don't know, that makes Hermione's motives seem way too simplistic. Although I do think that you may have a point about Hiram wanting to push Veronica away from Archie by brining him into the family business. But then what would he do with Archie afterwards since Archie being Veronica's boyfriend is the only reason he's even in the family in the first place? I think I'm gonna wait and see what Hermione's motives are, because I think she's being a lot more clever than you suspect.

Thanks for the link, dragonfire! Madchen is just great with this stuff. She's such a shipper.
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