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I to after seeing just the angle they put lawyer Jessica Shaeffer's car, I knew also it was going to explode,(another forum had several saw the explosion coming). But how much time elapsed between when she told Gabriel Hicks to find another lawyer and the explosion? Now with one of Gibb's "family" hurt, if Sloane is hurt, that the old Gibbs would have taken him down quickly. Or at-least get his attention back on him, and away from his team. So time will tell about this. I to figure there will be more to the Albert Hathaway(really liked Kevin Pollack on "Shark" years ago, he also over the years reminded me of Phil Collins the singer. Lol. ), story line. My thing with new team members on any of the shows I watch, is yes I don't like Nick as well as Tony, but I don't say, "Oh I hate this new member", I learn to live and work with what the show gives me. But I know all viewers are different and I like the new members because I love the show.

I did after a bit think the murder of James Willis wasn't connected with Gabriel Hicks or Albert Hathaway's trials, as it seemed in the beginning, with the "Previously on NCIS" intro. The 2 different people, Micheal and Joey Barrett and then Ozzie Duncan taking the van was a small twist. Then we have the hit man, Dominic Malecki was another quick bump in the road. Wasn't sure why the Barrett's wanted to dissolve Willis's body and then Malecki telling them to just dump it? Was he worried they would be caught? But the paper trail got Sarah Willis in the end.

Was happy to see Tobias Fornell. He definitely did seem happy. I was glad he had gotten over his daughter being upset, and his being fired. But with the evidence at hand he knew Gibbs did the right thing. I thought it odd he worked from his garage. I did think that when Gibbs and he were waiting in the Barrett motel room he would get upset with Gibbs. His "happy high" would wear off. I can see that Gibbs would feel bad about finding out that Tobias was right on the case and unfortunately the "then" evidence proved him wrong. This case probably should take a few more episodes to solve and I won't be surprised if Hathaway or some other player isn't involved. I do hope that neither Fornell or Sloane get taken out by Hicks. But I don't want it to end to quickly. Build up evidence and then get him. It would be satisfying if Fornell was the one to put away Hicks. But I know a PI don't have legal authority.

Did like Jimmy Palmer talking to James Willis's body. And it is is his2nd time calling Gibbs "Jethro". Good that Gibbs isn't annoyed and did smile. And glad Ducky is names periodically. Same as hearing Tony's name a couple episodes back. All members aren't forgotten quickly.

"Superdad Tim" should have solved it quickly, lol. The Abby/ Reeves "intervention was strange. Tim hadn't been messing up or running around like he was wound to tight. His beard does look like David Rossi on Criminal Minds. Wasn't sure why Tim grew it, to change his look, to "grow him up", or to cover a growing 2nd chin, lol. But I am used to it by now. Tony would have done several "McBeard" jokes, I know. I am surprise we didn't get a final on Alex Quinn. Either she has retired to be with her mom, or she was transferred to another agency? Instead of just leaving it like she was taking care of her sick mom? I am not sure how much "time off/leave" you can have for that stuff? They could just put in a throw away line to wrap that story up.

I do remember many series using the same episode names over the years. Just not in the same week. I help on a NCIS:LA web site and I have noticed familiar episode names. I also comment on it seems like up to 15 series a season on forum boards. So copy episode names pop up all the time.

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