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Originally Posted by secretk (View Post)
It does sounds that she is quite good looking woman! At least based on this.

Same happens in the city where I live. People are in general busy with other stuff.
I love this type of city.

Bulgarian men are not the most mannered ones and still they would not do anything while on the streets. They would hit on women in bars and that's it. At work they might forget that there are women around and basically act like they are doing around men, but that's it. Of course there are exceptions, but men being perverted while you are on the street here happens only in the ghetto.

I am lucky to know men that would do the nice thing without expecting in exchange or flirting. They would just open doors for me, help me with heavy backpack, do me favors that require male expertise or strength and I know that they are not doing it for something because they are involved. So it'a also a matter of what you are looking for as a woman. I am not into the perverted types so obviously around me there are no such men. And if a woman like her expects to see such men around me, she won't succeed.
Glad your country/men are nothing like what we are talking about in France. It seems the only difference between the American/Canadian men and Bulgarian would be in the office. I think that's just culture. Your rules are more relaxed and ours are more strict. I remember talking to a Canadian friend about what she was telling me took place in France and she was appalled. But thankfully in your country it's still way better than what we've seen in France.

They totally picked up on her energy.
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