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Girls, I have finally time this week to prepare the Bellamy/Kane Moments Survior ... it's coming soonish

But get prepared, there will not only good moments be included in the survivor

Edit: The Survivor is ready

I couldn't find gifs for all moments, so I had to use pictures for some moments ... I hope you like it

Bellamy and Kane Moments Survivor

Round 1



Anyone can vote.

Vote for your least favorite.
The first one to 5 votes, or the one with the most votes
in 48 hours, will be eliminated from the competition.


1. You are not in control here anymore

2. Dumb question gets a sassy answer

3. Those are my people out there - They're my people too

4. Bellamy wants to help Raven – Kane stops him

5. You did good

6. Try not to screw that up

7. Searching for Clarke

8. You can't even walk - So what? We give up?

9. That's not your fault Bellamy

10. You were trying to save lives - But I didn't

11. It's not too late to choose the right side – I just did

12. You murdered innocent people - Is that who you are now?

13. Spying your friend, that was easy?

14. Get the hell out of my way Bellamy!

15. Kane was sentenced to death

16. Holding Bellamy hostage

17. Did you do this for your sister or because it was the right thing to do? - It matters

18. Chipped Kane strangles Bellamy

19. You turn the page

20. Hostages

21. Noticing that Octavia is still alive

22. Black Rain is coming

23. Hear about Mark's and Peter's emergency

24. Try to convince Bellamy not to go outside

25. I can't protect anyone - You didn't fail Bellamy

26. Your mother would be proud – You floated my mother

27. I'm sorry - You can't save someone who doesn't want ro be saved

28. Support for Octavia

29. Couldn't tell her I loved her - Trust me, Bellamy, she knows

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