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I also found it interesting when we were in NYC... the men wouldn't even look at her, they left her alone. I got the feeling that she almost felt like something was wrong with her because the American men in NYC didn't flirt or say anything inappropriate to her. Not kidding. We went out to eat one afternoon and the male waiter must have been attracted to my energy because he literally acted like she didn't exist and his entire attention was on me, but not in a bad way. We were carrying on laughing about the Yankees, and other things. It was awesome. Also, they forgot to give meatballs with my order at the restaurant and he surprised me with not only the meatballs but double the meatballs and an entirely free order to go with bread and a free dessert. This was not a cheap restaurant either. He was so kind and generous and a terrific guy. I got the feeling that my friend was jealous and pissed off that he connected with me in a friendly fun way and never even noticed her. Her mood reflected as much. She also got upset when we were at the theater one night and the gentleman next to me was talking to me only and we were chatting off and on throughout the show. She looked so pissed. It was then that I realized our friendship was never going to last much longer. Thankfully it didn't!

But now in thinking about it, I believe the lack of attention she received in NYC is because she had some narcissistic tendencies... but the other part was she wasn't used to men not being overtly sexual with her since that's what she received regularly in France.

She didn't like that in American culture women are respected by men overall.... and certainly didn't like that decent men were giving me attention in a human being/kind way and not noticing her. I truly believe the NYC men picked up on our energy and the energy they were receiving from me was warm whereas the energy they received from her wasn't. Thus, why they were kind and friendly to me and didn't know she existed.
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