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Originally Posted by The Apt (View Post)
She wore a dress one day and he told her he imagined her naked in the dress. He touched her butt, commented on drooling over her, made comments about her chest, kept telling her he imagined having sex with her, saying if only he wasn't married but winked saying even that wouldn't matter if she was into it. All the men in the office bluntly would tell the women if they liked their chest or not. There's other stuff but that's what I remember off the top of my head. The male coworkers drooled over her but also new women being hired. They would make it so uncomfortable for new women entering the office environment based on loud sexual remarks two women left after only a couple of weeks. Also? There was a loud woman (she hung out with) who was loud and said horrible things too. She always said nonsexual inappropriate things in general to anyone near her. This stuff happened on a daily basis! But like I said, she also was involved in two affairs and the one affair was with a man who had a wife working a floor below them. They had two kids together too and this guy is carrying on with her. Seriously, for someone like me with morals maybe even entering nunnish mode I was so grossed out.

It was the most bizarre office environment I've ever heard of. I shared some of this stuff with Cleveland friends and they were just as weirded out as I was! Literally it was a running joke with my Cleveland friends... they'd ask me for the scoop on what insane happenings took place in that office every day. French idiot? She thought it was all normal and just how men are in France for the most part.
That is so disgusting. I can't understand why that boss wasn't fired.
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