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^ This is such a couple -y photoshoot. Did the show realize that? Maybe they did it on purpose as a foreshadowing thing. They both look fresh-faced and giggly, I adore it

About that stare...I always looked at it more like Dylan is rude as she deserves better...I don't know its hard to explain...I'm sure they wanted to do the nasty too but I always looked at that scene like why are you with this guy? He doesn't respect you. Maybe just me. But when Dylan firsts says it she is almost hurt and embarrassed but then its like she thinks hmmmm

Nikkycoly I loved the moment when Dylan told Brandon he can borrow Kelly (sick as it sounds ) because it led to Kelly and Brandon's realization that he's just inadvertently given B/K permission to act on their romantic feelings for each other
"Johnson creates a mystical form of FaceTime between Rey and Kylo Ren. Their running conversation hints at the inevitability of their meeting in the flesh; it even vibrates with a sexual charge. Star Wars has long been a form of Wagnerian opera, but rarely has it treated space and time this pliably." (TimeOut)
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