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I remember the season since I was on the threads at that time. lol It was around late 2008 when people started speculating it because they kept getting spotted at the same location... and it was CHAD who revealed it in a interview.

And yeah people hated Chad for putting James/Sophia in this situation because OBVIOUSLy they were trying to keep whatever realtionship they had private...

There was NO REASON! NO REASON To bring up Sophia/James relationship here.

I think he brought up James for he wouldn't have to discuss his relationship with Sophia... since you know... it's awkward talking about it since he cheated and all.

Chad confirmed it in the 2:17 part when he was asked about his relationship with Sophia....
He confirmed it on October 27, 2008...

"It's one of those things where um... you grow up a lot faster. you're put in a situation where your going to deal with things right in your face but uh, I think that we are both professional and mature enough to get through it. And now it's just easy. Your just friends and you know she's got James. And James and I are friends. And it's one of those things where ummmm....."

In my opinion I felt that probably James/Sophia wasn't all that serious as lovers. We all knew how close they were as friends since they always said they were in interviews during the first few seasons so probably they were like friends with benefits, or shared some kisses or tried dating for a bit but it didn't work and they decided to be friend... however CHAD was the reason anyone knew about it for 100%... without his confirmation, we still would've been speculating on it. lol
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