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Totally! Its' about time!

OK so there have been new updates since we last spoke. It looks like this NEW show is about invade like the skins in Wipe Out.

Here is the IMDB page for they clams that Roswell is a "TV movie". This is the summary:

A reboot of the teen drama, 'Roswell', which centered on the residents of Roswell, New Mexico where aliens lived undercover among humans.
Yeah right we all know this is a NEW show! Not our Roswell!

They also have down that Carina Adly MacKenzie is the writer.

Roswell (TV Movie) - IMDb

Then Shiri Appleby claimed in an article that she wanted to direct the Roswell Reboot aka New Show and have Jason in it. From what I know non of the original cast said yes sign me up for this!

To which Carina Adly MacKenzie commented on her twitter page

carina adly mackenzie
Yes please, @ShiriAppleby.
According to Carina Adly MacKenzie twitter page this is her first TV pilot!

Plus she sounds so immature in her responses and posts to people!

I tell you right now it will not be as magical as how David Nutter directed it or how Jason Katism wrote it! This reboot aka NEW show will not be a tribute to Melinda Metz beautiful work on the Roswell High series like the original Roswell was!

I hope this crashes and burns this new show!

Be ready to take our Roswell back on twitter! We need tage lines like #TheRealRoswell #Roswell99 Just something to get the CW attention to let them know we are not happy and still remember and believe all these years later.

We did this for Star-crossed and it was awesome! We did a #RememberRoswell Campaign that I thought of. Some of you made some amazing art and fan videos for it! Some of the Starcrossed cast even noticed the tweets and said how they loved Roswell or wanted to check out the buzz behind the show. it was awesome!

Roswell Oracle wrote about it on his site.

You can see the fan art as well in the link.

Roswell Fan Campaigns

What is the #RememberRoswell Campaign?
This campaign is to try to raise awareness about Roswell for old and new fans.

A new sci-fi show is starting February 17th on the CW network, called Star-Crossed. It is about aliens on Earth and a star-crossed alien/human love story. Sound familiar?
Well, it is somewhat similar to Roswell, but pretty different too. You can see a show overview here.

Not to mention that October 6, 2014 is the 15 year anniversary of when Roswell aired, and the year that Future Max said the world ended.

A Roswell fan, Roswell 10/2/00, came up with the great idea to promote Roswell using the new show Star-Crossed.

How can you help?
We are inviting all you Roswell fans out there to tweet about Roswell on February 17, 2014.

If we can get enough people tweeting about Roswell, we will bring a lot of positive attention to our beloved show, and hopefully get some new fans and bring some old fans out of hiding.

“Every Roswell fan should hash tag #StarCrossed #RememberRoswell in their tweet. So anyone watching star crossed a Roswell reference will pop up during the twitter feed.” – Roswell 10/2/00

Keep your tweets positive and focused on Roswell!
- Tell the Star-Crossed watchers why Roswell was great, and why they should be watching it.
- Relate why you still love the show, or tell about the epic romances.
- Explain about the star-crossed love of Max and Liz.
- Post your favorite quotes, favorite moments or story lines.
- Or use your own ideas to tell how The world changed because a boy loved a girl.

- And be sure to include #StarCrossed #RememberRoswell in every tweet!
So we can totally do something similar to let fans know we still remember the REAL Roswell!

I am not against Roswell but this is not a reboot its a NEW show! Personally it is a slap in the face to all the fans who fought for Roswell on the Wb and UPN! It don't look hopefully with Carina Adly MacKenzie running this mother ship!

Thank a lot WB aka CW! Nice try! The Real Roswell fans know! We are not blind!
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