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A Teenage Girl Thing

Chapter 5
A Teenage Girl Thing

“Dawson!” Gail was rushing through the hall, arms outstretched to greet us.”Please tell me you're not too old to give your mother a hug!”
“Never!” Dawson said, wrapping his mother into a hug. “How long's it been?” He asked.
“Seems like forever but still not as long as it's been since I saw this lovely face!” Gail said pulling back from Dawson and took a step towards me and seconds later was lightly throwing her arms around me in a warm hug.
“How are you Mrs Leery?” I quickly kissed the air by her cheek.
“Gail!” She corrected me, “Please I insist you call me Gail.” She began ushering us through to the living room.
I took a seat next to Dawson on the couch and immediately Lilly emerged and hurried into the room, and squeezing herself between us, forcing me to scooch down a bit.
“So Dawson, tell us about Spielberg. What's it like to work with him?” Lilly demanded.
“Lilly, give him a moment to settle would you!” Gail chastised. “She's been so excited to see her big brother.”
“Really it's okay Mom,” Dawson beamed at his kids sister and proceeded to talk about his latest gig, working as a First Assistant Director on Spielberg's most recent production. Gail was grinning from ear to ear as she watched Dawson's animated tales about his days on set in what was most certainly a dream come true for Dawson. A fleeting sadness crossed her face and I wondered if she was thinking of her late husband, Mitch. I couldn't help thinking Dawson's father would've been so proud of his success. Mitch had been a man who dared to dream and he encouraged his son to do the same, against some pretty incredible odds. In that moment I realised how proud I was of everything Dawson had achieved.
We all talked for a while, Dawson sharing stories about working with different actors in Hollywood, shedding a small tear for Robin Williams as Dawson talked about the film he had directed that Robin was a feature actor.
Then Gail asked me what I had been doing with myself and I cringed thinking of the job I had just walked out of after fifteen years.
“Well I'm sort of at a crossroads at the moment in my career so I'm making it as an opportunity to take a breath and reevaluate things.” I explained, hoping my glossed over version of my miserable situation would suffice.
“Oh, well I sure you'll figure it out. How long are you in Capeside?” Gail asked.
Well I've come back for the wedding mainly but I don't know, I thought maybe of sticking around Capeside awhile… nothing's concrete though,” I added.
“Of course.” Gail nodded. “ Well there's always a position at the Restaurant for you,” Gail said. “You always were one of my best cocktail waitress.”
“You know what's, Gail. I'll think about it.”
Then Lilly nudged Dawson, leaned over and whispered something in his ear.
“So Lilly,” Dawson said. “ You and Alexander huh? How did that all happen?”
Lilly blushed. “Prom,” Lilly answered. He asked me to go, you know as friends, but little did I know he had been crushing on me, like I was on him and we danced...he kissed me…” Lilly giggled, oblivious of Dawson's smile.
“Wow, history repeats itself, hwy Mom?” Dawson looked over at his mother whose face turned serious.
“Yes, well we've since removed the ladder in light of this new development and we are still finding common ground on this.” Gail explained.
“Meaning, mum's being totally unfair about it. I'm not aloud to go to the BnB anymore after dark and Alex can't stay over anymore.” Lilly wined. “It's like she's forgotten what it's like to be young and in love.”
“Well that's not entirely true,” Dawson interjected, referring to the countless number of times he'd found his parents in the kitchen carrying out the very act that Gail was clearly hoping to avoid happening between her daughter and Alex.
“Don't worry Lilly, our Dad did the same thing when I was your age. Do you remember Mom?”
Gail nodded “And I know he would do the same thing now too.”
“So unfair!” Lilly complained.
“Lilly,” I said. “Your Mom is just concerned that you and Alex might take certain steps in your relationship that neither are you are ready for.”
Lilly whipped her head around and glared at me. “I'm sorry, who are you?”
“Lilly!” Gail exclaimed. “Since when do you speak to guests in that tone?”
“Since they butt into stuff that doesn't concern them!”
“I was just trying to help!” I protested, wishing now that I hadn't said anything at all. “You're right Lilly, this has nothing to do with me. None of it should make any difference to me. It's your life.” I said, trying to keep my cool.
“It's okay, thank you Gretchen,” Gail said. “Lilly, you will apologise to Gretchen.”
“Fine! Sorry.” It was the most insincere apology if ever received, but I shrugged it off. “I’ve got homework to do. I'll be in my room.” Lilly stood up abruptly and glided towards the staircase. “Dawson come see my room, when you're done here.”
“I'll be up soon.” Dawson said and then Lilly was gone.
“Gretchen I am so sorry.” Gail said. “I don't know what's going on with her lately. Ever since this whole Alex thing she's been a nightmare.”
“Really, it's okay, Gail. It's a teenage girl thing I think” I reassured. “I'm sure I have my parents just as much attitude growing up.”
Dawson shook his head and chuckled. “Aw Mom, she's in love.” He said, in Lilly’s defence. “When we were that age, nothing could keep me and Joey away from each other, and then there was a certain overprotective Mother who suddenly set a curfew the night Gretchen and I went to a club with her friends.”
“Yes I remember. I think I learned a lot from raising you but I hate to say it, she might take after her big brother in a lot of ways, but Lilly is different to you in a lot of ways Dawson.” Gail said, giving no indication that she was anywhere close to budging on this one.
“Mom, I wish you luck.” Then changing the subject he exclaimed, “I see the Ryan house has new own owners.”
“It's so wonderful isn't it?” Gail said.
“What do you mean? Have you already met your new neighbour?” Dawson asked.
“Yes, as a matter of fact and so have you.” Dawson looked genuinely as confused as I was. “It's such a lovely thing, Andie did for Jack and Doug, and to think, Amy will get to grow up living in the same house her mother grew up in.”
“Andie bought the house, when do they move in?” Dawson asked.
“They're waiting until after the wedding, to completely move in but they're already moving some stuff over there.” Gail explained.
“I think Jen would've wanted that for her daughter,” Dawson mused, thinking about the girl that had stepped out of the cab and into his heart. Their romantic lives together had been short-lived both times, but Jen Lindley remained one of Dawson's best friends, right up until her tragic passing. Amy had been a baby and with Jen's Grandmother’s frail age and life expectancy uncertain, Amy was left with Jack to raise. Andie was Jack's sister, a neurologist living in Boston. Jack and Andie remained close and Andie, having not yet had a schools of her own, enjoyed being an aunt to Amy.
I wondered if she would make it to the wedding, given her busy work schedule.
“Well,” I said, breaking the heavy silence that had settled over us,” I guess I should go see if I'm needed for anything, with the wedding.”
“Oh! Should I come with you?” Dawson asked?
“No, stay. Catch up with your mom, and Lilly.” I said, standing up. “Gail it's been so good to see you.”
“You too Gretchen.” Gail said “Remember the offer still stands, you know with the job at the Restaurant.”
“I will definitely think about it. Thank you.” I said.
Dawson stood also. “At least let me walk you out.” I thought of no reason to refuse.
“I am sorry about what happened with Lilly.” He said once we were out on the porch.
“It's fine.” I said.
“Gretchen, I'm glad you came with me.” He said.
“Me too.” I said a little too quick.
“Are you okay?” Dawson asked.
“It's fine I've got some stuff on my mind that's all. Nothing for you to worry about.” I reassured him. “I'll see you back at the BnB after?”
“Sure.” He said. “It's a date.”
This is my latest chapter on here. I will continue to post the rest of I on I will post the link shortly.
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