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I like Scarlett Johansson and I like her as Black Widow.

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Well, I do agree with you about First Class when it comes to that, sum1. But I just think that Days of Future Past was the more well-structured movie. Most of the X-Men characters were once again, superfluous and just window dressing(like poor Havok and Banshee). Logan is still the best, in my opinion.
I don't think those characters were superfluous in First Class. I think they all played a part and it was good to have them there.

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Oh, and the sarcasm and baiting is just what sum1 does. He's Irish. Hard Irish.
Originally Posted by Kiane (View Post)
That's what he does bait, I understand. But I'm fiesty and when someone dishes it at me, I come right back. I'm no pushover.
What Alex means to say is that I was joking. I guess I should have put a smilie on it to indicate that, but people around here are so used to me joking that I often don't have to do that.

Here, I'll edit one in. :goes to edit previous post:
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