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Yeah, I think you're right, Kip. And that's why I mentioned Anne Hathaway as well. And she killed it as Catwoman.

Originally Posted by sum1 (View Post)
Venom has nothing to do with the X-Men. He's a Spider Man character.

And I understand what you mean about Mystique in the comics, sum1. Jen's Raven is more of an antihero than a manipulative, sinister villain. But I think Jen's Raven was more well acted than Rebecca's. And I think Rebecca's Raven was somewhat redeemed in X-3, what little I saw of it.

Originally Posted by Kiane (View Post)
Yeah she got venom at each area since back in DOFP. First Class not much, but DOFP the shade was high, on how she was promoted for the movie. They called her the new Wolverine.
They had issue with Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer, but it was small potatoes to the flak she got. I love DOFP too.
Well, I think that was just stupid. What did people expect after The Hunger Games hit so big? I'm glad that it was successful in spite of all that.

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Days of Future Past wasn't the best X-Men film. First Class far outshone it.
I love how we can agree on so much.
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