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laminating = teacher.... Ekuajust think how you won't have to do that much after a coupke of can just look through your files.

ML is on her way to Florida.... safe travel

aubie must be busy with her puppy. How is it going aubie?

Podad has the flu I am trying hard to not get it. Even got face masks and gloves for when I have to go into kitchen. He is in the family room and I'm in the living room and sleeping in the farthest bedroom because I don't want to get it mostly because I was supposed to meet Emily and go to NJ next weekend to meet with builder and cabinet person etc to finalize selections and now that weekend is out ( pregnant women to avoid the flu especially in 2nd trimester) and if I get it the next weekend is out ( one is contagious 5 or so days after symptoms. Very frustrating I haven't even gotten to see her since she started to show
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