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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
Jen got venom? I don't remember that. If she did it was only for the same reasons that they did it to Anne Hathaway, because they just wanted to hate on her because she was so good. Days of Future Past got praised for being the best X-Men film ever. And Jen as Mystique was a big part of it. Anyone who has an issue can blame the writers. They already increased Mystique's role in First Class long before Jen became a star.
Like you said. Her role as Mystique was already increased before she rocketed to fame. People online are silly and always looking for reasons to hate. If its not her. They will find another person to hate for whatever reason.
I've finished my fifth draft of the script with Jen in mind as the lead. It's a comedy called Life As Liz. PM if interested in hearing more about it. Or even possibly reading it.

I've also finished 15 full length original scripts. here is a blog for them.
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