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Originally Posted by tanaja (View Post)
I agree with all you said.

But I am talking about "full circle". Paris is similar to her mother; Lane is similar to her mother and her grandmother.
But Lorelai is different (in many ways) from Emily.

And Rory? Is Rory similar to Lorelai? I think, that Rory is similar to Lorelai (she is pregnant and single), but she is also similar to Emily (she is involved with engaged man).

So, IMO Amy has a lot of freedom for new instalment(s). The story is still relatively open.
In the end Rory's fate could be similar to Lorelai's or even to Emily's fate or she could have completely different fate than both of them (Rory could end up with "her Max" for example).

At the moment Jess/Rory seem a logical solution, but Amy could simply do another twist.
But as I said before: IMO it's not completely hopeless for J/R, because Amy's interpretation of Rory's love life in interviews is similar to yours.
When they say full circle I don't think they are suggesting they are alike personality wise but that their lives will follow the same path in circumstance. I don't think Lane is anything like Mrs Kim but her life has followed a similar path, same with Paris with her kids hating her, and Rory certainly doesn't have the inner strength and independence of Lorelai, yet here we are.

We were pretty much told from season 1 episode 1 what was going to happen. I can't remember the exact dialogue but Luke said to Rory 'watch it or you are going to end up just like your mother' and she responds 'too late'. It was there from the beginning.

Amy obviously can go where she likes with things now, but Dean is out of the picture, she made it quite clear that she didn't want a future with Logan and that stupid life and Death brigade nonsense was their last hurrah, she tried the 'random other guy' with Paul which was obviously shown to be a disaster, and surely she won't end things with Rory beng single for a third time.

It has to be our time next, it just has to dammit. We deserve it!!

Sorry I am ranting .
Rory/Jess - It is what it is.
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