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Originally Posted by Seamstress90 (View Post)
ITA I think S7 has been better than most of the previous seasons for Rumbelle, even though Belle isn't there physically. "Beauty" was just so amazing and Rumple's arc is so good
I agree. I was NOT going to watch this season, I spent much of pre-season angry and frustrated. In fact, I was going to try and avoid all spoilers - but I ended up being unable to because that would have meant pretty much being off Tumblr, lol. I watched Rumple's scenes in the first two episodes, but I've since watched the full remaining episodes...and overall, I did enjoy 7A. I was shocked, honestly, by how present Belle was despite her absence. She was spoken of several times, and Rumple got emotional several times when she was - plus he spoke of her directly to Rogers. Then, of course, there was Beauty.......nuff said.

By the way, the expression is "Beauty is only skin deep"........and we now have two bookend episodes for Rumbelle: Skin Deep followed by Beauty. At first I didn't make the connection, thinking Beauty only referenced Belle, but it's much more than that
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