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Just like Cory and Topanga of Boy Meets World fame, you sorta know that Max and Liz would stay together. Which is sorta why we don't need a continuing adventures to see if any angst came to them over the years. I rather give them angst in my fanfiction LOL than seeing it live. But still you have this feeling that once they got together, got married. They were committed, and together forever.

Plus a added bonus, Liz had powers. So she would always be tied to the group. Max too in love with Liz to think he would be tempted by another human. His only weakness was someone who his own kid, and I don't see another one out there...

So they are together, now...
One shooting. One healing. Soulmates were discovered.
Death may have tried interceding but they could never die.
Max and Liz forever!
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