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Wow, Claire!!!! you are just getting all things done!! Then you will have more time to do the fun stuff hopefully!!

I'm hoping you got out of the house safely Kim (and back to it) and if you got the staples out, it wasn't too traumatic or painful. Just remembering all my anxiety about how it would feel to get out my little stitches!!

My new co worker that I work with on Wednesday and Fridays is someone who I get along with better. She is sweet and older but flighty and seems easily stressed out!! She's always taking deep breaths and stuff. And she tried to give me Christmas presents 3 times. A poinsetta before Christmas which I had to decline cause we have animals at our house and I was leaving on my trip. Then when I came back this week, she tried to give me ear rings but my ears aren't pierced. then this morning I came in and she gave me a coffee shop gift card for Tim Hortons and then saw my Starbucks cup I happened to order this morning and thought I don't like Tim Hortons but I'm like no no, I do like it. Poor woman!!!
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