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I know I'm going way ahead but I had this idea: If we get the board, it would be beneficial to move threads from closed boards like Sense8 or OITNB to the Netflix board and let the people who were on fan/support lists know. Something we'd have to ask Johnnie about to see if it'd be possible but I wanted to get your input as well.

Originally Posted by fractured moonlight (View Post)
From Dusk Till Dawn The Series is marketed as a Netflix original outside the US. But in the US it airs/aired on the El Rey network. So I was wondering if it being a Netflix original outside the US would still qualify it (if there's enough interest I guess) for a thread (or threads) to be posted on the Netflix board.

I think though even if you watch it on Netflix in the US it still does the Netflix Original logo thing in the beginning. It's been a while since I've rewatched though.
I guess that's something to consider, though technically those shows are not Netflix originals and just have international deals to be shown outside of the core market.

Here's a list of the ones they have exclusive distribution rights for:

I would say I outdid myself, but I'm always this good. So I simply did myself.
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