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Definitely but perhaps not all of them? The beauty of the show is that you don't have to watch them in order whatsoever.

1x01 - So very uncomfortable, but not scary (just like.... REALLY uncomfortable)
1x02 - Is fine to watch
1x03 - A lot of tension but not like supernatural tension or anything.

2x01 - More emotional than anything
2x02 - Freaking tense, it's fooked up but if you made it through S3 and 4 of The 100, it's probably alright.
2x03 - Very political but in a blunt way
2x04 - The same tension I had watching 1x03

3x01 - Is fine to watch, for sure.
3x02 - scared me quite a bit, has supernatural tension and do not recommend watching in the dark
3x03 - Fooked up in many ways, but it's not scary, loads of tension though
3x04 - Gorgeous episode
3x05 - Couldn't get into it really.
3x06 - A messed up version of a Crime show

4x01 - A cool and messed up space adventure
4x02 - Parenting gone wrong, but I liked it.
4x03 - Tension and death
4x04 - Another fun episode
4x05 - A lot of tension, and I did not care for it. It was a bit more like supernatural tension, I feel.
4x06 - Messed up af... in many ways. It's not really scary but more gruesome and cringeworthly (in a good way? It's not like the episode is cringeworthy... it's hard to explain)

I put those in bold that are super easy to watch. If you need recommendations after that, let me know.
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