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I too thought it might have been Borg space, would have been a nice way to bring them in. Though I still don't get how the ship can seem so advanced for the time period it is supposed to be in. Maybe it will be addressed at some point in regards to the timeline.

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Alternate Universe him can still pop up
I suppose, but given how the humans are in this universe I doubt he'd join the ship like Harry Kim on Voyager. It seemed senseless to kill him off too... I hate how they killed off the first Captain too, I was thinking she was going to be a regular. Gone are the days of people you don't know dying in episodes?

Hopefully Michael can find what she needs to in order to get back, though when will she see Discovery again, I dunno, they took off for warp somewhere. The crew of the ship liked that she killed the other Captain, little did he realize that he probably would have kept his position if she could just get the information she was looking for. So much distrust and backstabbing in this universe, I wouldn't want to live there. They distrust other races and can't even trust themselves.

I do wish to see how the real ISS Discovery is doing in our universe
I dunno, they could cause some problems if they go around attacking allied ships of the Federation, though if they want to go attack some Klingons, have at it.
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