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Originally Posted by Talula78 (View Post)
Woohoo, tonight's the premiere, I can't wait!

Lindsay - I believe they're in the eleventh season now? Or about to start it rather.

Ingmar - What makes BLL better than THT in your opinion?
It still deals with really massive themes, but in the end it's much more satisfying...lighter somewhat. The story itself is equally compelling and the acting is top notch on both shows, but in the end I'd always vote for the ''lighter'' shows. There's a reason why I love GG so much

The ending scenes of Big Little Lies (season 1 finale) I don't know if you plan on watching it down the road, so I won't spoil it, but there's a twist that I realllllly didn't see coming; one that explained everything. Normally I always see twists like that coming, but this time? Nop. Jos and I were sitting on the couch fully in shock
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