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Added everyone! Welcome!

Sarah, Ana

I had the day off, so did something thinking, random thoughts follow:

General threads: Fan Art, Icons, News, Off Topic (possible title Binge Watching Brigade?), Post Count, Social Media.

Netflix Original Movies Thread – if a movie is highly anticipated, very popular and leads to a lot of discussion possibility to open a separate thread (most recent examples would be Christmas Inheritance and Bright).

Netflix Original Documentaries Thread

Netflix Original Stand Up Thread

Netflix Original TV Shows – I’d suggest opening threads for shows that at least two people are watching and have general threads for every season, separately as to avoid spoilers. Most popular shows could have additional threads for characters/actors, romantic and platonic relationships, etc.

Example --> 13 Reasons Why --> Season 1, Season 2, Clay Jensen/Dylan Minnette, Hannah Baker/Katherine Langford, Clay Jensen & Hannah Baker, Social Media, etc.

Other shows that seem to be popular on (in the sense that they could have threads beyond general ones): A Series of Unfortunate Events, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, OITNB, Sense8.

Shows that already have a board: A link to the board + possibility of opening a general thread, would suggest just one general thread to make sure that it won’t take away traffic from the boards which are struggling in the off-season.

Other ideas: Viewing Party Threads, Rewatch Threads, Embassies.

I would say I outdid myself, but I'm always this good. So I simply did myself.
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