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Originally Posted by Giotto (View Post)
It always depends how close you are involved in the desaster.. if you know people who are there or have familymembers and close friends invlved or even hurt or lost, it makes you feel how fragile life can be.. if it is far away in space and personal feelings you might only think shortly about it and feel sorry for all the people involved, but you forget more easily.. that is why reminders of those catastrophys sometimes are neccessary.. not just for the people involved to get over it, but also to remind the world about the bad things out there..
Very true Daggi - very true - we do forget very quickly if we are not directly involved with something - it can be sad but true.

Justin says to Brian you know what's it going to take for you to admit you want Gus in your life and love him too? Another bombing? Cause they both knew that was the only reason he said it in the end and Justin is reminding him - saying to him 'you were there you know what it feels like, don't let it go before it's too late'.
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