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This episode was a bit on the slow side for me....

It was nice to see Delia again. I also love the continued interaction between Bright and Ephram, it’s fun watching them be roommates because we get to see more interactions. I also loved the scenes between Bright and Delia, they have a cute friendship. Delia randomly wanting a Bat Mitzvah was a bit strange to me. Where did that come from? Since when has she been all that into her religion?

Oh Steve McQueen! (Jeremy from TVD) Loved finally seeing him pop up as Kyle. I am really anxious to see his storyline. Kyle was annoying already, bossing Ephram around. He’s there to help you dude, calm down. I liked that they came to an understanding at the end. But Ephram not getting paid is kind of sucky. Amy's advice to Ephram about playing and that he was playing long before he met her or Madison I think was the perfect thing to say.

Jake and Hannah’s conversation was VERY awkward. I felt that Hannah was a bit rude to Jake. Even if Jake isn’t her dad and even if he is “mooching” off Nina he is still the adult and Hannah is living in their house with them. She needs to at the very least let them know when she is not going to be home, like Jake asked. At the same time, the way that Jake was talking to her was very passive aggressive. It was obvious he was annoyed with her and she didn’t react well to that. But I think it was Nina’s place to be the one to talk to her. I feel for Jake because I understand why he is confused being a “step” parent of sorts.

Rose's storyline was a bit boring to me. It sucks that the people in the town didnt want to give her another shot just because of her cancer. I am so happy that it's gone and I loved what Bright said to her about how having cancer doesnt have to be the most defining thing about her. That was a great scene between those two.
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