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Soul Care

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Adam had some time to think about how he would like to get some different clothes for the concert with his band so he called out some fashion experts and asked if they could give him a chance to try out some outfits. He found a jacket that had rhinestones and spikes on it so he decided to wear it on his next show and match it with his shoes that was glittery. But he was having a hard time finding a pair of pants that would look good on stage so he put on a khaki shorts with zippers and chains. Any other kind of pants that had to wear all were the only ones that he thought would conquer the only artist. Vicktor called Adam and told some secrets about the only way to see if the outfit was fitting for his only
"Anybody ever tell you the etymology of the word "psychiatry"? "The medical treatment of the soul." Isn't that glorious?"
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