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Indy must of seen my post on facebook last night. I had a pipe burst under the sink in the bathroom. Luckily I was in the bathroom when it happened as I was changing the litter in Sid's tray. It came gushing out so fast that by the time I ran downstairs and had to pull all the stuff out from under the kitchen sink to turn the water off the bathroom and landing was flooded. I emptied my dirty laundry basket on to the water and had to use a load of my clean towells to soak it up. I rang my brother and he was quite close delivering Christmas cards so he was able with the help of my uncle who only lives down the street to put some end thingy on the pipe so I could at least turn the water back on. I had to go to bed then with the heating on full blast to try and dry everything. I had all these water marks on the living room ceiling so I hardly slept last night worrying the ceiling would be down this morning. Luckily it seems to be drying out ok but will need painting.

I was supposed to be going on a Christmas shopping trip today with some friends but I had to stay home I was hoping to finish my shopping but will have to go out on Thursday now.

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