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on the heating for you Dawnie. I haven't seen Star Wars since the original ones. That's all that will ever be Star Wars to me. Glad you liked it.

Calico Nice to see you. Good we both survived the snow of '17.

Love your Snoopy happy dance, Twee. CONGRATS on getting done grading. And, thanks for the gorgeous, and yummy, chocolates. Good you stayed home from work to take care of yourself.

I'm still mad at those Dr.s. And I'm confined to crutches and my desk chair for something that's all my imagination.
Saying that just because they can't figure out what's wrong me off.

I'm going to watch the one from last year, too. The Star Wars one that is, because the originals are in it.

Watching Frozen on TV again tonight. Yes, I have it recorded, but it seems easier to just watch it with commercials.
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