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Originally Posted by TopManKing (View Post)
I've just heard the hip hop track in Moving Targets episode where Brandon and Dylan collect Dylan's car (went to the wrong place) early in the episode. I know the track but I can't picture who sang it.

I know it's not 2Pac, Fresh Prince, Kid N Play, Natt Dogg, Warren G, Snoop Dogg coz they have distinctive rap vocals. Definitely not the NWA bunch (Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Eazy E etc)
I thought it may be one of the groups: EPMD, 2 Live Crew, Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest but I don't think it is any of them.
It sounds more like the rapper Too Short but I don't think it is. I think he is one of them lesser known rappers from South Central I suspect
Hi, I uploaded this clip for everyone to hear. I don't know it and was not able to find it. I uploaded it to youtube and usually it will identify music and give a copyright notice.
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