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Logan In the End - American, Canaadian, Neither?

By Logan's end, what does Logan regard himself as being, based on the totality of his circumstances and experiences that he remembers? As an American (even after what America has done to him)? As a Canadian - like he self-identifies as being, when Stryker tries to recruit him before killing his lover in Wolverine / Origins, or - by the end of the movie Logan - has Logan transcended all Geo-political affiliation?

Remember, I am asking about Logan in the movie-multiverses, although I welcome insight from the divergent comic worlds.

I am of the belief that Logan hates America by the end of the movie Logan. He can't remember much of what was done to him, but he knows enough to know that America screwed him out of the simple life he wanted when he walked our of Africa in Origins, and settled in the Canadian Rockies to be a lumberjack lover making 18.5K p year. He knows America killed his lovers, friends, family, exploited him, subject him to the greatest physical pain possible, broke its promise to let him live a simple life after centuries of fighting, exploited his DNA for mutant experiments and test tube babies, and ultimately poisoned him from the inside out, subjecting him to a slow and miserable death.

So - bottom line question - By Logan's end - does Logan regard himself as an American, Canadian, or beyond any Geo-Political affiliation?
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