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Originally Posted by SuitUp (View Post)
Yes, agreed. It's all about the execution. The fact that they planned this season (unlike the last two) helps. DeVoe's reasoning and endgame is key in whether the story ebs and flows.

A two parter would be good. If it were to explain what Dawn is doing in the past. Or if they wanted to do an Earth-19 two parter for a filler that does drive the plot. For example: the machine Savitar mentioned that they need to stop DeVoe requires equipment that can only be made on Earth-19. The Earth-2 episodes were such a success. I don't know why they haven't leaned into. Fans love seeing different versions of Barry, Iris, Joe, Cisco etc.

I would loveeeeeee for them to have a re-do. I can't even put into words how much the crossover angered me off. Westallen have a knack for doing things several times over, so why not this? It's what we deserve.
I agree with most of this. The crossover, was what it was but I was not as upset at you. I don't think. I would love to see an alt earth episode again. I agree with you about the two parter in season two. I loved that!! But what I really want is a future episode. I want to know about Dawn and what's going on. Maybe she comes back and in telling Bary and Iris, why she came, we get to see her story, which is in the future? Anyway, a girl can dream.

Btw, I am still waiting for the reason as to why the reverse Flash hates Barry. So I also agree about DeVoe and his reason why he hates Barry.
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